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Saber Reloads Touchless Bay Gives Wash Head Start on The Future

  • “Our Saber gave us an appealing new wash at a used-wash price. The standard triple foam and DuoDry system are fantastic! And the lube-free design 'runs and runs' with little maintenance – that’s a welcome change!” — Lisa Carbert, Northern Oasis Wash Center

Saber Joins Vector® Completes Touchless Dual Bay Reload

  • “The Saber is the perfect complement to the Vector. It provides the same quality wash, and includes the triple foam and sealant folks want. For us, the Saber's affordable price and reliability ensure a rapid payback.” — Lisa Maldonado, Willow Creek Car Wash


"Two-Vector Site Washes 220,000 Cars - and Builds a Detail Business"

  • “Our Vectors have been the perfect foundation for our business. Their high uptime, fast wash cycles and impressive cleaning have all driven volume – 220,000 cars’ worth.”         — Jeff Farrell, Springvale Village Car Wash

"Vector Helps Revive Gas Station / C-Store for New Owner"

  • “Our Vector is a strong profit center. It creates loyal wash customers who also buy gas and shop inside. Its impact goes beyond the wash bay, to boost sales site-wide.”        — Kevin Clarksen, Trackside Gas & Convenience


FreeStyler® Reinvigorates Family Car Wash for a New Generation

  • “The FreeStyler is perfect for our wash, and our town. It delivers the clean of a soft touch tunnel in a compact size that fits our site.” — Jess Montgomery, Bay Wash

Two FreeStyler® Bays a Winning Combination for Delaware Operator

  • “A double FreeStyler has proven to be a great business model.” — Jody Driver, Brilliance Auto Wash

FreeStyler® In-Bay Wash a Perfect Fit for High-End Car Dealer

  • “Our customers demand perfection, and our FreeStyler helps us deliver it.” — Steve Krasner, Euro Motorcars Bethesda

FreeStyler a Perfect Fit for Service Stations Bay and Business

  • "Our FreeStyler is a perfect fit! It installed perfectly in our smaller bay and far outperforms our old wash. Plus, its striking color scheme perfectly suits our BP identity!" — Jim Lund, Jim's BP Amoco

Maryland FreeStyler® Washes Over 4,000 Cars a Month!

  • "Only a quality wash can sustain that volume … and the FreeStyler delivers." — Terry Thomas, Eastern Petroleum Corporation

FreeStyler® Indispensable At #1 Cadillac Dealer In Southeastern U.S.

  • “After three years, our FreeStyler is reliably washing over 150 cars a day, including service vehicles, rental cars and vehicle deliveries. It’s an indispensable part of our value proposition.” — Juan Santos, Williamson Cadillac

3 Vectors + 1 FreeStyler = Higher Profits for Former Gas Retailer

  • “With Belanger equipment and our distributor’s support, we haven’t had one minute of unplanned downtime in over six years. We’ve never turned anyone away.” — Jim Porter, Friendly Car Wash

"Free Styler Pays for Itself in 10 Months at Nations Oldest Hertz"

  • “Our FreeStyler delivers a clean, dry car in under three minutes, with zero prep and no hand drying. Better still, the labor savings have paid for the machine in just 10 months!”      — Brad Garvey, Hertz Appleton


Insta-KLEEN Washes 609,000 Cars; Helps Dealer Double Service Business

  • “We’ve washed over 609,000 cars with our insta-KLEEN. It gives us a clean car in about a minute, and the reliability to spend time servicing cars, instead of fixing our wash.” — Andrew Genthe, Dick Genthe Chevrolet

Insta-KLEEN Helps Service Shine at Worlds Largest Lexus Dealer

  • "Car washing is not our core business – serving customers is. I prefer not to give the car wash a second thought ... and with the insta-KLEEN, I don’t have to." — Luis Garcia, JM Lexus

"Insta-Kleen Helps Ensure Quality Control at Auto Maker"

  • “Our insta- KLEEN delivers clean vehicles, almost instantly. We routinely wash 70 cars an hour with great results. The equipment runs trouble-free, and we get a highly inspectable finish with zero rewashes.” — Charles Waller, Glovis

"Insta-Kleen an Investment in Customer Satisfaction for Honda Dealer"

  • “Our insta-KLEEN washes a car in under a minute, for less than 50 cents. We wash up to 150 cars a day with great results. In nine months of use, we've had zero downtime.”          — Jay Whitlock, Honda of Danbury

"Insta-Kleen Washes 220,000 Cars, Helps Fuel Dealer's Growth"

  • “Our insta- KLEEN's high throughput makes it possible to wash every car, quickly and affordably. After 220,000 cars of dependable performance, we still get a clean car in under a minute, for less than 50 cents.” — Buzzy Holzer, Tom Holzer Ford

"Insta-Kleen Washes 300,000 Cars; Earns Spot at Second Dealership"

  • “We’ve washed over 300,000 vehicles with our insta- KLEEN, including deliveries, service cars and rentals. It reliably washes a car in about one minute. Our customers get a clean car every time – with no waiting!”     — Rick Castanos, Varsity Auto Group

"Insta-Kleen Helps Dealer Close to Ford HQ Set Example"

  • “Because the insta- KLEEN washes 60 cars per hour, it minimizes our car wash labor expense. We’re getting a clean car for less than 50 cents. Better yet, we’re able to quickly wash every car we sell and service.”   — James Cosgro, Village Ford


Belanger® Tunnel Attracts Business At BMW Dealer And Pays Its Own Way

  • “Our Belanger tunnel transforms our wash from expense to business asset. The Gyro Wraps contour the car for gentle, effective cleaning. And the DuraShiner really does shine tires better than hand-applied, driving sales of our top package.” — Marc Zolnierowicz, Bill Jacobs BMW

Belanger® Tunnel Equipment Takes Mobil Station Back to The Future

  • “Our Belanger wash packs a lot of clean into 60 feet. The Gyro wraps hug the front, sides and rear … while the mitters and top wheel make the hood and roof sparkle. With the AirCannons, it’s the complete package.” — Harvey Glazer, Long Wharf Mobil

"Third Time Charming for Multiple Belanger Tunnel Owner"

  •  “The Pivoting Wheel Stinger and DuraShiner offer tremendous labor savings and throughput benefits. We’re delivering a clean rim and shiny tire with zero manual labor.” — Joon Park, Prestige Car Wash

"Chameleon Arches, Belanger Equipment a Winner for Vegas Operator"

  • “The Chameleon arches give us a custom look, with the flexibility to build our brand and promote our extra services. They don’t just carry chemical; they carry our image, too.”    — Scott Horner, Terrible Herbst

DuraScrubber® Helps Dual-Serve Operator Up The Ante At Two Locations

  • “The DuraScrubber cleans wheels as well as hand scrubbing, and is more consistent than any employee. It saves us two to three minutes per full-service car.” — Ahmed Jafferally, Cypress Station Car Wash

DuraShiner® CV Tire Shiner Helps Bebos Beat Out The Competition

  • “The DuraShiner shines the whole sidewall, every time – even on big trucks and SUVs. It literally outshines the competition and even beats hand-applied! And at 29 cents a car, the low cost of use is the ‘icing on the cake!’” — Doug Klyce, Bebo's Car Wash

DuraTrans® Conveyor a Strong Backbone for Florida Washes

  • “I wouldn't build a tunnel without it.” — Jeff Bonynge, Images Auto Spa

Pivoting Wheel Stinger® Gives Four Chances to Impress Car Wash Customers

  • “The Pivoting Wheel Stinger catches the customer’s eye with its wheel-tracking magic. Then it makes a big impression with its powerful, high-pressure water spray.” — Willy Veldman, Veldman's Marathon

QuickFire® Wrap Helps Wash Put Out a Cleaner, Greener Car

  • “Our QuickFire Wrap assures us of great front, back and side coverage, regardless of line speeds. It's an important key to putting out a consistently clean car." — Chris Rivera, Canton Car Wash

Signature® Series Tunnel Welcomed In Growing Utah Town

  • “Customers love how the QuickFire wraps follow the car for extra cleaning – they don’t just spin. And the Pivoting Wheel Stinger puts on a wheel-cleaning  show’ that delivers sparkling clean rims. — Brent Wignall, Wiggy Wash

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