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The Vector Rapid Wash® is Belanger's state-of-the-art touch free automatic car wash system. This system is unparalleled in its value, performance, and investment opportunity. Since 1999, Belanger's Vector Rapid Wash® has earned its reputation as the 'workhorse' of touchless in‑bay automatic car washes. Built for reliable performance and easy maintenance, Vector® offers consistent, dependable washing and 95 percent-plus uptime.


To keep Vector® running smoothly, its carriage head moves on overhead travel rails that keep its motors and gears up and away from dirt and grime. The swivel-free design, all-electric drive and greased-for-life bearings reduce complexity and maintenance costs. And the powder-coated aluminum frame is easy to keep clean.

Vector/4.jpgIt's Your Wash...Make it Your Brand! The Vector Rapid Wash® is now available with a branding enhancement package. This option enables you to customize the exterior appearance of your Vector® to correspond with your facility's branding needs.

Vector® High Performance:

  • VPS Virtual Positioning System® — This patented system is easier to use and delivers faster vehicle processing than competitive machines.
  • Available HVO package washes up to 24 cars per hour, for the perfect balance of speed and clean.
  • The Vector® controls the touchless cleaning variables and delivers them precisely and consistently car after car for the best cleaning available:
    • Optimum Pressure – Cat (Pump)
    • Optimum Heat – Super Heat 12000
    • Optimum Water – Pur-Clean and VFD Pump Station
    • Optimum Chemicals – 2 step process
    • Optimum Angle of Attack – Radial Spray Motion


Consistent and Reliable Operation:

  • 100% Swivel Free — No swivels mean no leaks, no down time, no replacement costs and most of all no headaches.
  • Greased-for-Life Bearings — The maintenance requirement to grease the machine is completely eliminated.
  • 100% Soft Start and Stop — Promotes longer gearbox life by reducing torque shock load on the gears – saving you expensive repair or replacement costs.
  • Easy carriage access contributes to quicker maintenance & lower operational costs.
  • Available break-away arms with resettable knuckles can be reset in seconds after a vehicle strike, which minimizes downtime and keeps you generating revenue.
  • Lube-for-life gearbox ensures smooth operation, while reducing maintenance time and expense.


User Friendly Functionality:

  • Unparalleled Programming Flexibility – Standard Interface with Keypad enables operators to easily toggle between eight different wash packages in a matter of minutes to quickly accommodate real time weather changes.
  • New optional Touch Screen Interface with HVO programming software delivers Web-based remote access to control the Vector® while enabling report access from anywhere.
  • Radial Spray Motion reduces chemical expense by always keeping the spray aimed at the car and purging the lines on the car and not on the floor.

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