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Why Belanger?

Why Belanger Car Wash Co. ?

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Founded in 1969, Belanger, Inc. has been respected as the world leader in quality car wash manufacturing and pioneered the first equipment designed specifically for cloth car washes.  Belanger offers an extensive line of world-class vehicle wash systems, products, and components that deliver unparalleled value, performance and investment opportunity.

Why does Quality Systems & Services choose to work with Belanger?

•   Product Life-cycle Longevity - proven to last longer. You will spend less money on replacement equipment over the life of your car washing business.
•   Product Performance - Time is money. So when it comes to safe, fast and reliable vehicle processing, you can rely on Belanger equipment to be up and running at optimal performance.
•   Operator-Friendly Functionality - engineers designed this equipment with minimal maintenance requirements. With standard features such as Grease for Life (GFL) bearings, easy access control panels and tool-free repairs, you will spend less time and money on routine maintenance.
•   Customer-Friendly Performance - designed to enhance your customer's overall washing experience. Whether it's the customer-friendly vehicle loading functionality of an in-bay automatic system or the quiet gentle washing action of tunnel systems, these products increase customer loyalty and wash facility revenue.
•   Advanced Technology - with more than 85 patents, Belanger is driving industry trends by delivering distinctively engineerd products that excel in innovative technology and exceed operators' expectations.

Who should build your car wash equipment? Consider:
• Is it built for easy maintenance? Extended service intervals?
• Does it support your business model? 

Belanger offers 40 years of strength, and is redefining innovation in car washing.
• Invented soft cloth car washing.
• Since 2005, has launched the widest-ranging selection of cutting-edge equipment.

Belanger is a full-line manufacturer supporting many car wash segments, including:
• Conveyorized Tunnel; Touchless In-Bay; Friction In-Bay; Large Vehicle; and Fleet & Rental.

Great car wash equipment starts with a better vision of car washing.
• Belanger hires the right engineers, and equips them with the best tools.
• Belanger solutions for real-world car washing have earned more than 100 patents.

Belanger is a true car wash equipment manufacturer, not merely an "assembler."
• Unlike other "manufacturers" who assemble off-the-shelf parts, Belanger makes most components.
• Component-level manufacturing allows true quality control over the finished product.

Better car wash equipment starts with better materials.
• Pioneered the use of structural aluminum... lightweight , weldable , stronger than steel.
• Led the way with UHMW polyethylene for wear surfaces, and lube-free pivot points.

Quality car wash equipment starts with quality manufacturing.
• Quality is a continuous process, and all work is part of a larger manufacturing plan.
• The first North American car wash equipment manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Belanger packs and ships equipment with the same care we use to make it .
• Digital photographic record follows equipment through production and packaging.
• All equipment heat shrink wrapped, to keep out dirt and keep all parts together.

Belanger equips you for success ... with easy-to-read manuals. and easy-to-install equipment.
• Plain-english manuals are helpful in setting up, operating, and maintaining equipment.
• Equipment ships complete with documentation and all needed parts for installation.

Belanger distributors know the equipment, and the business.
• Distributor network is the largest in North America, and also covers select global locations.
• Distributors know the equipment well, from extensive factory training and hands-on experience.

Great car wash equipment deserves great technical support.
• Free technical phone support from Belanger's main office.
• After-hours, on-call availability means help is reachable when you're most likely to need it.

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