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In a one-step process, Rhino-Mat effectively cleans and dries rubber and carpet floor mats within 30 seconds.  Using water and the power of a special textured brush to clean ground-in dirt, hard to remove stains and pet hair and finishing off with a patented drying technique and groomed appearance. Also our advanced drying technology is what sets the Rhino-Mat apart from all other mat cleaners on the market.


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  • Our Rhino-Mat Mat Cleaning System will WASH, DRY and GROOM a carpet mat within 30 seconds. Cleans up to four mats in approximately 2 minutes!
  • Quick and easy mat cleaning service without the hassle and labor!
  • Save time and satisfy your customers with clean and dried mats in a minimal amount of time.


  • Reduce the cost and eliminate the use of supplies including chemicals and detergents, hoses and brushes that are used to clean floor mats.
  • Save on manpower, water and energy. Use Less, Costs Less & Profit More!


  • Profit $30,000 or more a year in mat cleaning sales only! Call us for References.
  • Easily integrate our system with your business, and watch your mat cleaning sales increase.
  • Upgrade a sale by offering quick Mat Cleaning Service to all customers, not just for detail service which require a waiting time.
  • Provide Express Mat Cleaning Service that will bring customers back time after time.
  • Return on investment within 3 months, and keep your revenue! Call for References.


  • Reduce the amount of water and energy used to clean mats.
  • Dramatically reduce the use of harsh chemicals and detergents that can harm the environment and are not safe for the health of humans and animals.
  • System waste management includes a Waste Compartment and Drain System component to allow easy handle of waste extracted from soiled floor mats.


  • Drying technology does not use fuel or heat. Rhino-Mat uses a special patented technology, which extracts water and creates a dry and groomed floor mat.
  • Easy 3-Step operation, Push Start Button, Feed mat into the machine, Ready to put back into customer’s car.  
  • Integrated System Timers for easy operation and efficiency. 
  • Safe to use on Carpet and Rubber floor mats.


  • Research shows there are more than 187 various bacteria, which live and grow in the interior of our automobiles.  They are not visible to the human eye. These bacteria and viruses can cause illness to our health and allergens that usually go unknown.
  • Promote a healthier lifestyle to your customers, by informing customers the importance of cleaning the interior of their automobiles, especially floor mats which are constantly soiled by the shoes we wear and the various bacteria we bring into our car, as they are ignored.


Feel & Experience the Difference in Mat Cleaning Technology! 

New Feature for 2010 models! The Rhino Mat got even better….
Rhino Mat systems now have a new patented chemical injection pump system to give an even cleaner floor mat!
No more using a separate sprayer to add chemical cleaners, let the Rhino Mat do all of the work for you.

  • Automatic Floor Mat Cleaning Solution for Carpet & Rubber Mats.
  • One-Step Mat Washing & Drying Process.  Save on Labor & Time.
  • Washes and Dries a vehicle mat within 30 seconds.
  • Removes Ground-in dirt, Oil, Sand, Pet hair and most stains.
  • Auto-Flat Feed Operation to Prevent Folding or Damage to a Mat.
  • Portable, for Indoor and Outdoor use.
  • Safe & Easy Operation and Maintenance.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction- Built to last.
  • Integrated Auto Heating System Made for Year-Round use.
  • Control Box System with Circuit Breaker Switch.
  • Automatic Shut-Off Timer, Time Adjustable & Energy Efficient.
  • Auto-Counter, Keep Track of the Number of Mats you Clean and Watch your Profits Increase.
  • Large Roller Wheels for Easy Movement with Optional Ground Mounting.
  • Coin/Bill Acceptor Control System.
  • Digital L.E.D. time display. 
  • New digital Bill and Coin-acceptor
  • L.E.D. countdown timer to display remaining time.
  • “Pass” button to release mats from the machine when time runs out.
  • Fully adjustable bill, coin, and time settings in the control box.
  • Only available in Stainless Steel

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